Don’t Drink the Water


There were a few things that I had to get used to when I moved to Mexico. The first thing was the fact that you couldn’t drink the water. That was a change because when I lived in Spain, there weren’t any issues with drinking the tap water. However, in Mexico we were heavily warned against drinking the tap water. The water quality in Mexico is poor due to contamination. As result, drinking bottled water is your best bet for staying healthy. The next thing that I had to get used to was not being able to flush the toilet paper. I believe this is result of not having a good sewer system. It was very common to go the bathroom and see the garbage filled with wadded up pieces of tissue. Sometimes I would forget and I was always afraid that the toilet would stop up but luckily that never happened to me. I also had to get used to being stared at. I was one of very few Black people living in Xalapa so I got my fair share of attention. This was very shocking to me because I figured since Mexico is so close to the U.S, it wouldn’t be very shocking to see someone like me walking down the street. BOY was I wrong!!!! The worse was waiting at the bus stop. All heads would turn towards me like they had seen a unicorn or something. It was annoying but it was something I had to accept which overtime became easier.


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