Jo-Burg, South Africa


Why South Africa?

Christmas eve 2014 was pretty much like any other day. Like always, I checked Facebook before heading off to bed. As I was strolling down my timeline I saw several people talking about insanely cheap flights to the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. It really seemed too good to be true that people were finding flights from NYC to Johannesburg for less than $400 round trip. It had been a long day so I fell asleep still thinking about if what I saw on Facebook was real or was it some cruel joke.  I awoke on Christmas morning and everyone on Facebook was still talking about how these low prices to South Africa, UAE, and a few other international locales will not last. So I immediately started calling friends and family that I thought would be interested too. I had already booked my ticket at this point so now I was just trying to spread the word. I called my new friend Danielle and convinced her to book the flight to South Africa. It took her some time because the price would go up and down depending on the dates but luckily she managed to find similar dates to mine and we had officially booked flights from NYC to Johannesburg for 375$ per person. It took some time to get over the shock of having booked the best flight deal ever. A flight to South Africa was definitely one of the best Christmas gifts ever.

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