Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

After my short trip to Thailand, I went to Bali for three days. In hindsight, three days was not enough time but I was so excited that I was finally going to Bali that I would have been happy if I was going for 5 minutes.

My trip to Bali started off in the most random way. On the way to Bali, I had a short layover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As I was sitting there in the terminal, I saw two guys that appeared to also be American. So I began to wonder what was their story. I thought well they might be a couple, they could be friends, I wonder where they’re from, etc. As I continued to day dream about their fictionalized life that I created, one of the guys asked to borrow my pen. He eventually began small talk and turns out that his name was Eric and his friend’s name was Peter. Eric was from San Francisco and Peter was from New York, who at the time was traveling throughout Asia. So after we get to know each other a bit, the plane begins to board. I go to my seat, thinking about how excited I was to head to Bali. Then my thoughts are interrupted as I see my new friends coming towards me, who as fate would have it, happen to be seated in my row. Most of the flight, we all get better acquainted. We finally arrive in Bali after a short 2 hour flight and then we head to our hotels before meeting up later on that night.After hours of traveling, I finally arrived at the Haven Hotel which is located in the Seminyak area of Bali. I was rather impressed with my room and I loved that it had a balcony that overlooked the pool. My favorite feature was the bathroom because the shower had multiple shower-heads.

Bali, Indonesia

Day One
The first night in Bali, we made our way to Made’s Warung, where we had traditional Balinese food.  The menu features a variety of local and international foods. Rice is a staple in Balinese cuisine as well as Satay (sate Indonesian spelling) is also very popular. Satay can be made with either Chicken, fish, or pork. Everything tasted fresh and was delicious. After dinner we went to Red Carpet Champagne Bar, which had great music and refreshing drinks.

Day Two
Before I left for the day, I enjoyed the delicious breakfast buffet at my hotel. Everything you can imagine was available from omelets to fresh fruit. I spent most of the day at the beach which was only a couple blocks from my hotel. Along the way to the beach, there are several shops, restaurants, and bars. The stores had very reasonable clothing and you’re also able to negotiate a cheaper price. I actually shopped too much but since prices were reasonable I didn’t actually spend a lot of money. That night, I stumbled upon Il Warung, a quaint restaurant nestled behind a boutique. The food was delicious and it was reasonably priced.

  Bali, Indonesia
Day Three
I spent most of my final full day  at the beach.The water was so warm. I walked from one end to the next before laying out. As I lay out, I was approached by some of the local women who were selling jewelry, offering massages, pedicures, etc. It was all quite comical because I wasn’t interested in a massage or a pedicure but eventually they wore me down. Later on that night, I met up with Eric and Peter and we had a fabulous meal at Ku de Ta. Ku de Ta is an upscale restaurant which has an a la carte menu as well as a 5 to 12 course menu option. We chose the 5 course meal which was excellent from start to finish. After dinner, we sat on the balcony and admired the beauty of the ocean and listened to the relaxing sound of the waves. Eventually I had to cut the night short because my flight left the next morning at about 3am.

Bali, Indonesia
Ku de Ta Balcony
Dessert is served

What Bali taught me
 The number one thing that Bali taught me is to ALWAYS wear sunscreen. I know you would think that’s a no brainer but unfortunately for me it wasn’t. For all of my life, I had never been sunburned. I had witnessed friends being sunburned but it had never happened to me. I thought my brown skin shielded me in some way. Boy was I wrong. After about day 2 on the beach, I noticed how the skin on my shoulders felt tight. I thought it was odd but I still didn’t think it was a big deal. So again day three I spent hours on the beach with no sunscreen. Well after day three as I was preparing to leave Bali, my sunburned skin was beginning to feel more uncomfortable. Long story short, for the next two weeks my skin peeled from my face to my shoulders. It was quite painful but I learned my lesson about not wearing sunscreen. I also learned about the kindness of strangers. I had originally thought that I would spend my trip in Bali by myself but thankfully that was not the case. Eric and Peter became fast friends and we had an awesome  time. I think my trip would have been a lot different had our paths not crossed. I’m thankful that we met and I’m thankful that we were able to experience Bali together.  Overall, I had a fabulous time in Bali. I would love to go back to explore Ubud and to explore more of the cultural elements that Bali has to offer. Bali, Indonesia is definitely worth checking out!

First sunburn ever

Getting Around
Most people rent mopeds or take taxis to get around. Bali is also walkable so no need to rent a car unless you plan to explore other parts of the Island. There are also buses that you can take to Ubud or to other popular areas in Bali.

Where to Eat
Ku de Ta
First class dining experience. Beachfront restaurant. Choice of either 5 or 12 course menu. Absolutely amazing dining experience. Highly recommended. Also listed on the Top 20 restaurants list compiled by the Bali Bible. International fare. Prices vary. Business casual attire suggested.

II Warung
Great Service. Located behind a quaint clothing shop. Italian and Indonesian fare offered. Reasonably  priced. Casual attire.

Made’s Warung 
Local and international fare. Reasonably priced. Casual Attire.

Where to Drink
Red Carpet Champagne bar
Great music and drinks. Cutely dressed waitresses and bartenders. Popular with expats, locals, and  tourists alike.

Where to Stay
The Haven Bali Seminyak
Price: 65+ per night
Great pool, breakfast included, close to beach


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