Lima, Peru Layover

El Malecón, Miraflores

Delays, Delays, Delays

I hadn’t expected to leave the airport in Lima because my layover was only for 2 hours.  Fate stepped in so I found myself in Lima for 24 hours due to a missed connection. It all started in Buenos Aires when thunder and lightning prevented the flight from leaving on time. After waiting in a never-ending line to be booked on the next flight to Los Angeles, I was finally able to leave the airport a mere 3 hours later. The airline provided one night accommodations at Hotel Melia. The hotel was very nice and wasn’t far from the center. I was beyond exhausted but I knew I wanted to take advantage of being in Lima.  While at the hotel, I met another traveler, Arloutta who was also stuck in Lima for the day, so we asked the concierge where we should go and then took off.

Arloutta and I at Larcomar

Lesson learned

I am someone who typically abhors flights with long layovers UNLESS it’s in a city I haven’t been before. I prefer long layovers which fall in the daytime so I can make the most of exploring the city. My experience of missing my flight in Lima, reinforced the importance of having enough time between flights so in the event your flight is delayed, you’ll still be able to catch your connecting flight. I was also reminded how much I love non-stop flights. However, non-stop international flights are typically the most expensive option. When choosing your next international flight keep in mind time between connecting flights (if not flying nonstop), layover cities, and airlines (especially important if you prefer certain airlines and/or want to collect miles).  Remember having a layover in a new city, gives you the option to explore a bit without incurring any additional costs. Whichever flight you choose, choose wisely!

Overall Impression

On the way to the hotel I was immediately struck at how vastly different Lima is from Buenos Aires. For example, Buenos Aires is a very European city and I didn’t see many signs of poverty. Lima, on the other hand, seemed much more gritty. On the way to the hotel we passed many houses which were in shambles as well as beggars flanked near the freeway intersections. I was also amazed at how different certain parts of Lima were in comparison to the popular tourist areas. The areas outside of the tourist areas in some ways appeared to be neglected, whereas the areas popular with tourists were highly developed with towering condominiums and skyscrapers, security ever present, and many American fast food restaurants.

I would like to go back to explore more of Lima as well as go to Macchu Pichu, which is in Cuzco. If you find yourself in Peru be sure to try  Ceviche, which is an appetizer of small pieces of raw fish marinated in lime or lemon juice, often with onions, peppers, and spices. The national cocktail Pisco Sour,  has a sweet and tangy taste, is also a must when in Peru.  If you find yourself in Lima and are short on time, check out Larcomar, (nice shopping mall overlooking the ocean), El Malecón (stretch of parks situated along the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean) and the Miraflores neighborhood, (lots of restaurants, shops, bars). Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to visit the historical landmarks in Lima.

Lima in Color


Pisco Sour (sweet yet tangy)
 Delicious Ceviche
Parque de los enamorados (lover’s park)


Larcomar (shopping mall)


Arloutta and I exploring Larcomar
Arloutta, Pablo, wonderful concierge at Hotel Melia, and I

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