What’s on your 2016 travel calendar????


2015 was an epic year of travel. I was able to cross Japan, Dominican Republic, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Peru off my list. Now that 2016 is upon us, I am pondering where to next.

Last year I was reminded about the importance of giving the gift of travel to those whom we love the most. I ran into one of my travel buddies in Abu Dhabi who had two of her nieces traveling with her. We chatted for a bit and I told her I thought it was really special she brought her nieces along. She commented “each one teach one”. So often I selfishly book trips for  myself and when I arrive to my destination, I think oh I wish my sister could experience this, or I wish my mother was here. We all know wishing for something to happen is not enough. As result, I made a conscious vow to do a better job of sharing my love of travel with others. 

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