Solo Tripping in Vancouver

This past weekend, I ventured off to Vancouver, Canada for a little R&R. I bought my flight to Vancouver back in January when I was still blissfully in love with my then boyfriend of two years. Fast forward four months later and I find myself single. Leading up to Vancouver, I had mixed feelings about if I would still have a good time or would I be sad my baecation had become a solo trip.  I’m happy to report I had a fabulous time exploring all Vancouver had to offer.

One of the things I planned months ago was a dinner reservation for two at Dark Table. Only problem was that I no longer had anybody to go with me. So what do you do when you need a date but are on a solo trip, always have a plan B.  Friday morning I posted a message on Couchsurfing looking for someone to join me for dinner.  A girl by the name of Resamolla responded and stated she would like to go, problem solved. IMG_0347

Dark table is a restaurant where the wait staff are blind or visually impaired. In addition, the entire dining experience, also referred to as blind dining, is in the dark. I couldn’t see my hand mere inches in front of my face. There are also locations in Toronto, London, Paris, Barcelona, St. Petersburg, Santa Monica, and San Francisco. Before you are seated you select your main course but the starter and dessert are both surprises. When you enter the restaurant, the waiter gives you instructions like if you need to get their attention, you must loudly yell their name. Then you put your hands on their shoulders and you’re escorted to your table. When we were seated, we initially were in shock by how dark it was. There is literally no light whatsoever.  Because you have no distractions like cell phones, you’re more alert than you would be under normal circumstances. There also isn’t loud music playing in the background so you can hear other people’s conversations clearly. Shortly after getting acquainted, our food arrived. The starter was delicious but I still don’t know exactly what it was, lol. I ordered the ravioli for the main course which was tasty. The desert was a chocolate mousse cake which was equally yummy. The entire experience from start to finish was nothing short of remarkable. For a moment, you have a sense of what it would be like to not have sight. Even though I had never met Resamolla before, there were few awkward silences. Resamolla, an exchange student from China,  had lots of questions about my life in California. I was particularly interested in what it’s like living in China and then moving clear across the world to Canada. Because I’ve studied abroad too, I could easily relate to learning about cultural nuances and learning a new language in a foreign country. We eventually took a few pictures and said our goodbyes. 

FullSizeRender (12)


My second day in Vancouver I explored Granville Island, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Stanley Park, and Gastown.



Overall, I had a wonderful weekend but the weather left much to be desired. It wasn’t cold but it rained on and off. I definitely would like to go back to Vancouver this summer when the rainy season is over. It also helps that the Dollar goes far in Canada!


Take a solo trip if you find yourself single once again and need to be reminded of what you have to offer. Going through a breakup is never easy but getting away for a few days just might be what you need to remind you that you’re pretty dope all by yourself!



One thought on “Solo Tripping in Vancouver

  1. Sandra Harris

    Hi, my beautiful and brilliant love one .. searching inside has been my guide… keep seeking, you will KNOW when it is for you. Fear not … You are living YOUR life … love you Sister Sandra


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