Hostels I’ve stayed in!

This is a list of hostels I’ve stayed at in no particular other along with a brief review of each one. Websites such as,, and are great resources to book your next stay at a hostel. If you’ve never stayed at a hostel, I thoroughly recommend you to give it a try. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. All prices listed vary depending on room type.

9 Dragon’s House- Beijing, China

This was the first hostel I ever stayed in. Overall the hostel was fine but I didn’t like the bathroom. It was one of those where the shower is not separate from the toilet. So when you take a shower, everything gets wet. However, I did like the fact that there was restaurant and a computer room. There wasn’t a lounge but I did see other travelers in the computer room.
Price: $40 per night (Private room) 


City Central International Hostel- Shanghai, ChinaI really liked this hostel. It was very clean. There were computers for use as well as a library for travelers to check out books. The bathroom was definitely an upgrade from my Beijing hostel. The shower and the toilet were separate and the room itself had much more light. Overall, it was a grade A hostel. It was also close to public transportation which was helpful. In addition, there are several restaurants and shops nearby. I found the staff to be very helpful.
Price: $17 per night (private room)

Cheers Hostel-Istanbul Turkey (Sultanahmet area) I stayed in a room with 5 beds which was really spacious. They didn’t use bunk beds so that was cool. The hostel is split up between two buildings and the main building has a cafe, bar, and lounge. It had a really cool vibe and I really enjoyed staying there. The Sultanahmet area has lots of restaurants and shops. 
Price: $35 per night (5 bedroom)


Metropolis Hostel- Istanbul Turkey
(Sultanahmet area)This is a smaller hostel and I stayed in an all female room. I only spent one night here so I can’t say  much but I thought it was adequate. The bathrooms were shared. Breakfast is included in the price which is always a plus. Breakfast is served buffet style on the terrace. From the terrace, you have a really great view of Istanbul. This is also in an area where there are lots of restaurants to choose from but they also have their own restaurant which is super convenient if you’re tired after a long day of sightseeing.
Price:$19 per night ( 6 bed dorm) 


Envoy Hostel- Tbilisi GeorgiaThis was the hostel where most Peace Corps volunteers stayed in when we went to Tbilisi. I normally stayed in co-ed rooms with 6-8 beds. The bathrooms are shared and sometimes there isn’t hot water which is a bummer. They have a really nice lounge which is very comfortable. There’s also a large kitchen that guests may use. My last year in Georgia, the hostel was being renovated. Envoy hostel is located on a hill so the hike up isn’t very fun but aside from that, it’s very nice.

Price: $12-17 (6-8 bed dorm)

Check INN HK- Hong KongI recently stayed in Check Inn in January of this year (2015). I did not enjoy my time here. The beds were extremely uncomfortable so much that my back hurt in the mornings. There was a private bathroom which was nice but it was extremely tight which is typical for Hong Kong. The hostel did not have a lounge but there was a small lobby with computers. I wouldn’t stay at this hostel again.
Price: $30 per night (6 bed dorm)


Albergue do Porto: Salvador, Brazil  This was a really cool hostel. The breakfast was amazing every morning. Breakfast is served in the outdoor courtyard. There was also a pool table which was very popular with other travelers. My brother and I had an ensuite, private room with private bathroom, which was also had a TV. I was very satisfied with the room. The hostel is steps to the beach which is really convenient as well as across the street there’s a grocery store. I stayed here for 9 days.There is also a very large common room complete with couches and hammocks. Staff were very friendly and knowledgeable about things to do in the area. Rooms were moderately priced.
Price: Private room was 30$ a night so my brother and I paid 15$ each.    

Lub D Bangkok Silom- Bangkok-Thailand
This is a really cool hostel. It has about five floors and there aren’t any elevators. Sucks when you have a lot of luggage but aside from that, I don’t have any complaints. There’s a bar on the first floor as well as a computer lounge. There’s also a laundry room and an entertainment room with a TV/DVD player.
Price: $18 a night(6 bed dorm)



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