Cartagena, Colombia

Bienvenido a Colombia Summer 2010,  Jeroz, my boyfriend at the time, and I went to Cartagena, Colombia. It was our pre-25th birthday trip. Our birthdays are only 3 days apart so even though we didn’t go on our actual birthdays, it was  still our birthday trip. It wasn’t a very long trip. I think we were only there for about 5 days. It was supposed … Continue reading Cartagena, Colombia

Don’t Drink the Water

DON’T DRINK THE WATER!!! There were a few things that I had to get used to when I moved to Mexico. The first thing was the fact that you couldn’t drink the water. That was a change because when I lived in Spain, there weren’t any issues with drinking the tap water. However, in Mexico we were heavily warned against drinking the tap water. The … Continue reading Don’t Drink the Water

Study Abroad Benefits

People often have misconceptions about studying abroad. Many people assume that you have to learn a foreign language to study abroad and that’s not true. Most colleges and universities have a wide variety of countries where someone can spend the summer or the semester. For example, I knew a girl who spent the summer in the U.K. There are many opportunities to study in countries … Continue reading Study Abroad Benefits

Who am I?

  My name is Brittany and my love affair with International Travel began more than 10 years ago. My first trip abroad was to Spain in 2006 where I spent a semester as a part of my Spanish major requirement. Since then, I have been blessed to visit 57 countries. I’ve lived in Spain, Mexico, and the Republic of Georgia. In Spain and Mexico, I was finishing … Continue reading Who am I?