Hong Kong

Hong Kong
A trolley ride to remember!

February 2015, I took off for Hong Kong for a 5 day trip. Hong Kong had been on my list for a while so I was ecstatic about finally going. I found a ticket for $550 so I knew I had to take advantage of such a great price. I went by myself not knowing much about Hong Kong, but I was excited to return to China. I had been corresponding with a Nomadness Tribe member who was living in Macau, 50 minute ferry from Hong Kong, and we made plans to meet up.The rest was to be decided upon arrival!


Victoria’s Peak
The views of Hong Kong from Victoria’s Peak are unparalleled. Unfortunately, the day my new friend Bunmi and I decided to go, the weather was extremely cloudy. However, in the event that you desire to have a picture with a sunny backdrop, you may purchase a picture where you are Photoshopped into the backdrop of your choice. I toyed with this idea but the finished product looked rather artificial so I opted for a pic with the natural skyline instead.

Hong Kong
Managed to get a nice picture even with the fog.

Hong Kong Park
Nestled inside bustling Hong Kong you will find this beautiful oasis full of lush greenery, flowers, and waterfalls. This would be the perfect place to read a book or have a picnic. The park itself is not huge but it’s just the right size.

Hong Kong

Lamma Island
Great day trip about 40 minutes by ferry from Hong Kong Island. Lamma Island is a traditional fishing village, known for its secluded beaches, hiking trails, temple, and endless seafood options. There are also several restaurants to choose from which offer American, Chinese, or Thai fare.

Hong Kong


Causeway Bay
The area is filled with malls, department stores, and boutiques.Shopping in Hong Kong is not what I expected. I envisioned myself shopping till I dropped but that is not what happened. Shopping in Hong Kong is ideal for people who like high end designers and to which looking at price tags isn’t necessary. Most shops were outside my price range. I am much more of a budget shopper but I did manage to find a couple pieces that I fell in love with.

Hong Kong

Lan Kwai Fong
Located in Central, this is where you will find many bars and restaurants. This area is wildly popular with expats and locals alike. Most people don’t go out until around 10pm or later and bars are open until anywhere from 2am to 4am.

Hong Kong

Located on the peninsula of Hong Kong Island. By far one of my favorite neighborhoods because it provides a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Stanley Market is a must if you’re looking for reasonable souvenirs, jewelry, trinkets, etc. Countless restaurants and bars line the promenade overlooking the water. Stanley is also famous for their beaches.

Hong Kong 


Oddies Foodies– Dessert shop with truly one a kind creations. Found on Wan Chai road. Wildly delicious. Definitely a must!

 Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Sumi Yakitori– Japanese food at its best. Sushi is not on the menu but there are endless options to choose from. I recommend any of the grilled meats and the corn is to die for. Everything we tried was exquisite!.

Hong Kong
Image courtesy of openrice.com

Ozone Rooftop Bar- Ritz Carlton Hotel- highest rooftop bar in the world.The views are unparallelled. Everything from the elevator to the restrooms are beautiful. Drinks are a bit pricy at about 20$ and up. Great ambiance and chill vibe. The rich blue decor will have you at hello. Ozone is the place to be and to be seen. Depending on time of year and day, bring a jacket.
Hong Kong
 Wooloomooloo Rooftop lounge/bar- Cozy lounge in Causeway Bay. Drinks are reasonably priced at $10-15. Light jacket recommended.

Hong Kong
Bunmi and I

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay- Ideal hotel for budget travelers who don’t need any frills. My room didn’t have a window which was odd but aside from that, it was more than adequate. Rooms average 80$ a night. Various rooms available at different price points. Convenient location in Causeway Bay.

Hong Kong

My trip to Hong Kong was another example of a solo trip which ended up being spent amongst new friends. I met some amazing people in Hong Kong to which I’m sure my trip would not have been the same without. They showed me the utmost kindness and generosity. Traveling is a priceless experience for countless reasons but meeting kind people along the way makes the experience 100 times richer.  I have to say thank you to those of who opened their homes and their hearts to me! Hong Kong was amazing because I met you!


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