15 Best Travel Apps

  1. Rome to Rio-provides the best way to travel between destinations. For example, if you want to travel from Paris to Bordeaux, Rome to Rio compares the cost of train, airfare, and driving between both cities.
  2. Units Plus– Great tool to convert currency and different metrics like meters vs feet.
  3. Metro-Useful when using public transportation.
  4. Uber/ local equivalency-Uber operates in several countries but somecountries have their own version equivalent i.e Bolt.
  5. Airbnb-not interested in staying in a hotel? Airbnb is a great tool which provides unique accommodations worldwide. Airbnb also offers experiences, which are tours given by locals. Recently they have begun to offer adventures, which include lodging, meals, and excursions.
  6. Google Translate– Helpful tool to mitigate possible language barriers.
  7. Duolingo-Language learning tool.
  8. What’s App-Free messaging service across platforms.
  9. Google Maps- need help navigating Budapest? Google Maps can help
  10. Lounge Buddy– Tells you the location of what lounges are available worldwide.
  11. Priority Pass– Provides information about what lounges are available to Priority pass holders.
  12. Hotel Tonight- Great tool to find last minute hotel deals.
  13. Netflix– I always download movies ahead of a long flight, in case I don’t like the movies available in-flight.
  14. Airline Apps-Be sure to have your preferred airlines app in order to download boarding passes and/or change seating assignments.
  15. GlobeTips-provides tipping guides based on country as well as allows users to split checks and calculates gratuity.



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