Spain vs. Mexico

People make the country

Living in Spain and Mexico both had their challenges but the number one reason why I enjoyed my time in Mexico more than I did Spain, is because of the people. I found Mexicans to be much more warm and welcoming.I also found it to be much easier to make a connection with Mexicans. My impression of Spaniards was that they were a bit cold and not as willing to let you in their circle. Obviously this is completely based on my own experiences so if you disagree, that’s completely fine.


I also enjoyed Mexico more because the weather was much better. Mexico doesn’t really have a winter so the weather is pretty much always great. Prior to living in Mexico, I had spent all my life living in the Midwest with cold horrible winters. When I moved to Mexico, the light bulb went off and I knew that I could never live in a cold climate again.I realized that having four seasons is completely overrated and that I was completely fine with just having one, which would be summer!

Euro vs. Peso

The cost of living is the third reason why I liked Mexico more than Spain. When I lived in Spain, the Euro was as strong as the Incredible Hulk which made me quite poor lol. The peso on the other hand was just right. Things overall were much cheaper in Mexico than they were in Spain.


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