Sunday calm in Montevideo

Montevideo is one of the least populated capital cities I’ve ever visited. Despite the constant flow of people going to and fro, the swell of people was not overwhelming. I immediately noticed how the Uruguayan dialect of Spanish sounded almost identical to the Argentinean dialect. I was also quite surprised to see how popular tango dancing is, I naively associated tango dancing only with Argentina. After exploring Montevideo, I took a day trip to Colonia del Sacramento.

Day trip to Colonia

Colonia is popular with tourists because of the quaint cafes, cobblestone roads, and old town feel. It feels like you’ve stepped back in time. Punta del Este is another city which is popular with tourists. It has been called “the Hampton’s” of South America.  During the summer months of December through February, South Americans from neighboring Brazil and Argentina flock to its beaches. Uruguay is a great place to visit if you can squeeze it in your itinerary. Two to three days is sufficient to explore.

Punta del Este

Have you been to Uruguay? What was you experience like?



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