Increase your travel fund!!!

cropped-img_3130-2.jpgAs much as I love traveling, I admit it can be an expensive hobby. Therefore, I’m always looking for ways to save money and increase my travel fund. Here are a few tips to save money for your next dream vacation!

  1. Set up automatic deductions from your salary to go to a specific savings account set aside for travel.
  2. Sign up for a credit card which earns airlines miles or hotel points. Pay it off immediately to avoid accruing unnecessary debt.
  3. Set up a mileage account with ALL of your most frequently used airlines. Keep in mind, it takes some time to earn enough miles for a free flight. Choosing to fly the same airline as often as possible, will allow you to earn enough miles for a free flight quicker. Most international airlines belong to an alliance where you can also earn miles with most U.S airlines.
  4. Take clothes/ accessories you no longer wear to a consignment shop like Crossroads to add money to your travel account. LetGo is also an app where you can sell everything from furniture to household items.
  5. Take a carry-on to avoid paying baggage fees. Typically a checked bag is included for international travel and for certain airline credit cards.
  6. Book a hotel or Airbnb which provides breakfast.
  7. Sign up for websites like to save money on flights to both domestic and international destinations from many major cities. is also a great resource where you can find travel deals.

How do you save extra money for a vacation? How far in advance do you start saving up?




2 thoughts on “Increase your travel fund!!!

  1. Kristin

    All great points Brittany! If I know I’m going to be walking a lot throughout the day and don’t want to eat out or spend a lot of money on snacks, I pack a refillable water bottle and grab an apple, orange and granola from the breakfast at the ab&b.


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