Tokyo Part I

Sensoji Temple.

First Impression
Japan is unlike any other country I’ve visited because from the very minute you arrive you can’t help but notice there is an order to almost everything. For example, when boarding the subway, it is customary to allow everyone to get off  first. As you wait, there is a line to the right and one to the left which allows passengers to get off with ease. Once on the subway, there are designated cars for women and there are seats designated for pregnant women and the elderly. There are also designated silent areas. I do not recall hearing anyone talking loudly on the phone and rarely did I hear someone’s phone ring. When you take the escalator, people stand in a straight line on the right, to allow people to pass on the left. I was also extremely impressed with how impeccably clean Tokyo is. Bikes are a hugely popular form of transportation and it’s very common to see unattended bikes not locked up.  Due to fear of theft in the U.S, it’s not common to find bikes unattended without a chain or lock. Vending machines are wildly popular as they can be found on almost every corner.


Sensoji Temple
Ancient Buddhist temple that is located in Asakusa, Tokyo. It is the oldest temple in Tokyo. Extremely popular with tourists. Leading up to the temple are several shops that sell various souvenirs as well as local delicacies. There are several smaller temples on the grounds.

Tokyo Part I

This is one of the newer buildings that makes up the Tokyo skyline. It was built in 2012. There are two observatory decks, one at 1,150 ft and one at 1,450 ft. There is also a section of the floor which is completely transparent that I would avoid if you’re afraid of heights. Expect to wait in line depending on when you come, we waited in line for about 15-20 minutes. Great place to see breathtaking views of the city.

Tokyo Part I

Meiji Shrine
The forest surrounding the shrine is serene and awe -inspiring. Definitely an ideal place to take pictures and to experience nature at its finest.

Tokyo Part I
Among friends who happened to be in Tokyo at the same time.

Yoyogi Park
Located near Meiji Shrine you will find this enormous oasis complete with fountains, flowers, and trees. It is one of the largest parks in Tokyo. Many people come here to have picnics and relax. People of all ages are seen on the lawn or near the fountains. This would be a great place to read a book and people watch.

Tokyo Part I

Kyu Yasuda Garden
We stumbled across this park after we were unable to get tickets for the Sumo Wrestling match. Fortunately, we were able to see sumo wrestlers headed to their match. The park is located down the street from the stadium. The park is quite small but that does not take away from its beauty. There is a large pond in the center of the park. Although this garden is very pretty, I would only recommend visiting if you’re already in the area. 

Tokyo Part I

Tokyo Part I


High end shopping abounds in Ginza. This is where you will find all of the top designer brands from Louis Vuitton to Chanel. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from.

Ginza at night

Our apartment was located in Shibuya. There are lots of options to keep you entertained from countless bars, restaurants, karaoke spots, and places to shop. This is also where you will find the famous Shibuya Crossing which is one of the busiest intersections in Tokyo. It is also known as the Shibuya scramble. The subway station in Shibuya is also a hub to go almost anywhere in Tokyo and other parts of Japan.

Tokyo Part I

This is the area if you’re looking for vintage shops and second hand stores. This is the center of the Tokyo hipster scene. There are also restaurants and cafes to check out. Here you must stop at the J.S Pancake cafe and try the pancake pie.Simply divine! 
Tokyo Part I  


Genki Sushi
You can’t go to Japan and not have sushi. If you desire to have a truly unique dining experience then you must visit Genki Sushi. It is located in the Shibuya district. You place your order on a touch screen monitor and it is then delivered by conveyor belt to your table. There are countless sushi options and many of which can only be found in Japan. The California roll was not on the menu in case you were wondering.


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