Best Websites for Cheap Flights


Flight deals happen all the time but you have to be looking for them. There are also some destinations that rarely go on sale so you will have to bite the bullet if you really want to go there. For example, from Los Angeles destinations like French Polynesia, Mauritius, Seychelles, and many countries in Africa rarely go on sale . I consider a good price for an international flight to be anywhere from 5-800$. Depending on the location, if I can score a flight for less than $1000 that’s also a good price. Of all the places I’ve been to, the most I’ve ever paid for a flight was from NYC to Beijing for $760 back in 2008.  The cheapest international flight I’ve ever scored was due to an amazing flight glitch that happened Christmas 2014. I scored a flight from NYC to Johannesburg, South Africa for $375. Yup, you read that correctly $375. Usually flights from Los Angeles to South Africa are in the 800$ range if not more so I had to take advantage of such an unbelievable price. Below I’ve listed some of the best websites to get flight deals. I’ve also included my favorite sites for price comparison.

Happy hunting for that next amazing flight deal! Keep in mind crazy, ridiculous, unbelievable  cheap flight prices DO NOT LAST. Chances are if you wait too long before buying that ticket, that price will no longer be available. So when you come across that $500 flight from LAX to Rio, jump on it immediately or prepare yourself to pay a few hundred$$ more if you pass it up.

1. The Flight Deal
This is my absolute favorite website to look for flight deals. You can sign up for their daily emails which tell you the best deals for that day. Domestic and International deals are listed. It is updated regularly so it’s possible that a deal that wasn’t listed in the morning might be listed that evening so I would advise you to check the site often. They also have a facebook page which will alert you to their latest deals.
2. Secretflying
I Love, Love, Love secret flying. They showcase the best deals from the states as well as from Europe. In addition, they also feature deals on hotels.
3. Groupon
I have not taken a trip featured on Groupon but I’ve heard positive thing from friends who have taken trips featured on groupon. One of the benefits of going with Groupon is that many of their trips include hotels. Recently, I was looking at a trip from Los Angeles to Sydney for $999 which included hotel and airfare for 5 nights. Under 1000 for Australia from Los Angeles doesn’t happen very often so that was an unbelievable price. Prices are based on double occupancy and to travel alone, it may cost an additional 500$.
4. Living social
Very similar to groupon. They feature vacations from most major U.S, Caribbean, European, Asian, destinations. I would advise that you research flight and hotel options on your own first to make sure you’re getting the best deal before deciding to go with one of their packages. Rates are usually based on double occupancy.
5. Travelzoo
This a fantastic website because it includes deal on cruises, airfare, hotels, restaurants, car rental, vacation rentals, etc. Each day their 20 best deals are featured.
6. Faredealalert
Features deals from cities such as San Diego, Las Vegas, Orlando, Minneapolis, Denver, Houston, Detroit, Kansas City, Atlanta, and Charlotte. Other websites such as theflightdeal tend to focus primarily on cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Miami, etc.
7. Skyscanner
Before I decide to go anywhere, I check skyscanner first. Skyscanner is a great price comparison tool because it allows you to put in everywhere in the destination search box and it will show you when and where it’s cheapest to go. See top picture, you would type in what airport you’re leaving from with everywhere as the destination. For dates you would select any day to any day. Also, if you have a specific time frame and are unsure of where to go, it will show you the cheapest destinations based on the dates you provide. It’s a very easy website to use. Be sure to download the skyscanner app.
8. Google flights
Google flights is relatively new but I love it because it’s exceptionally easy to use. Google flights is useful because it tells you if you’re getting the best price within 3 days. You can also perform multi-city searches. There is an explore destinations tool too which shows you the prices from cities around the world leaving from your preferred airport
9. Ita Matrix software
Very similar to google flights and skyscanner. You may put in a specific date range from your preferred airport to a particular destination and it will tell you the best fare available. Unlike skyscanner, you will need to put in a specific destination. However, tickets cannot be purchased from ITA software. Be sure to download the ITA Matrix app.
10. Skiplagged
You may have heard about skiplagged because there was a lawsuit filed against them by United Airlines and Orbitz. The case was about so-called “hidden city” ticketing, which is when a connecting ticket gets a traveler to a destination cheaper than a nonstop. United Airlines and Orbitz ended up losing. For example, if I want to fly to Chicago it might be cheaper to book a flight to NYC that has a layover in Chicago. However, you do need to bring a carry-on because otherwise your bags will end up in NYC. So basically you would just get off in Chicago and not board the NYC leg of your flight. This is perfectly legal so there’s nothing to worry about. Be sure to download the Skiplagged app.


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