Family Trip Recap!

Exactly two weeks ago, my parents and I returned from our vacation to Italy, England, Jordan, and Egypt. We had a blast! However, there were definitely a few hiccups. These are a few tips to help you prepare for your next vacation! Be sure to solicit feedback about people’s preferences regarding flight times. For example, … More Family Trip Recap!

Family Trip Round II

As some of you may recall, in January of 2016 my parents and I ventured off to Europe for an epic vacation. Along the way we stopped in Israel, France, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. When I think of all the trips I’ve been blessed to take, it is definitely my most memorable trip. After we returned … More Family Trip Round II


Iceland is a country which wasn’t on my radar until recently. Wow Airlines is a budget airlines which makes flights to Reykjavik hard to pass up. My flight from L.A to Iceland was $270. Because Wow airlines is a budget airline, they charge for everything like advance seat selection, luggage, food, water, etc. However, if … More Iceland

Living Spree

When life gives you lemons… This year has been full of triumphs and setbacks. I have been blessed beyond measure but I have to admit this last month has been full of challenges which have at times left me feeling hopeless and confused. However, due to unforeseen circumstances I was able to make one of … More Living Spree

A day in Norway

  Oslo was my final stop in Scandinavia. I spent a day there on my way back to Copenhagen, which is where my return flight home left from. I have to say I enjoyed Oslo the most. From start to finish, I was captivated by the sheer beauty of the city. The weather was absolutely … More A day in Norway

Double edged sword 

One of my most valuable possessions is my little blue book, also known as my passport. It is the fourth strongest passport in the world. Germany is in first place. Americans are able to visit 174 countries without a visa. However, there are also some disadvantages of being from a wealthier country like the U.S. … More Double edged sword