Guide to Seychelles

Have you heard of Seychelles? If not, you’re not alone. Only in recent years did I become aware of this small African country in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is an archipelago comprised of 115 islands. The capital Victoria is on Mahè Island. A few of the other major islands are La Digue and Praslin. Scrolling …

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My Favorite Travel Essentials

Before I go on any trip, I make sure I have my travel essentials. A backpack is a must. It’s my preference over traditional roller luggage. If you want to travel like a pro, be sure to pick up some of these travel essentials! Kelty Backpack- This is my go to bag when I travel. […]

Best Honeymoon planning tips

Budget- Discuss with your partner how much you want to spend. The amount should include flights, accommodations, and excursions. Also keep in mind hidden costs like: daily resort fees, public transportation/taxi fare, tips, and immunizations. Length of time-Do you want to spend a week in Hawaii or two weeks exploring Europe. Travel Time-Do you mind …

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