Edinburgh, Scotland

In January, my husband and I set out on a European adventure where we visited 5 countries. Scotland was our first stop.  We flew into Edinburgh and spent two days exploring the city. Our first evening we had dinner at a local Italian restaurant and then went to Dragonfly, a cocktail bar across the street from our Airbnb.

If you’re short on time in Edinburgh, be sure to visit:

Edinburgh Castle

Old Town Edinburgh

Visit the Royal Mile for the best shopping

Dragonfly (great cocktails)

Get some Fish and Chips (can be found at most restaurants)

Have a bite to eat at Blackbird. The cocktail menu is extremely inventive and the food is tasty too!

Currency: British Pound

Exchange rate: 1GBP= $1.22USD

Tipping is not expected.

Have you been to Scotland? I’d love to hear about your experience!






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