This past April I ventured on an epic trip across South America spanning Argentina, Uruguay, Chilé, and the small Central American country Panama. It was truly nothing short of amazing. It was my second go round in Argentina but the rest was completely unknown to me. Chile had been on my list for a while and I desired to visit Uruguay because I knew virtually nothing about the place. The catalyst for the trip was an insane flight deal I found from D.C to Chile for less than $300. I flew into Santiago but spent most of my time in Viña Del Mar, which is about hour and a half from Santiago. Santiago is inland whereas Viña is along the coast. I did not have a set itinerary beforehand because I like to arrive and feel the place out as I go. The weather was warm but not hot enough to swim in the Ocean. Valparaiso is a cute area which is known for the street art and amazing views overlooking the city. The area has many cafes, bars, and restaurants. 


Santiago has a different vibe as it’s more congested than the beach town of Vina. It feels like a capital city with all of the grit and hustle and bustle. Chilenos come in all shades of beautiful. The empanadas are too die for and you must try the national cocktail,  the terremoto ( translation earthquake). The terremoto is made with fermented wine and  pineapple ice cream. Trust me it is as delicious as it sounds. After exploring Chile, I headed to Uruguay.


Have you been to Chilé? How did you like it?


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