Letter to my host family

Saying goodbye to Misho Dear Lela, Lamzira, Zauri, Misho, Mari, Erekle, and Caxa. Erekle and Misho, I will forever cherish our bond. You are the little brothers I never had. Erekle, I will cherish the times we swam in the pool and watched movies on the balcony and Misho the times we went to the park …

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Teaching 101

I was a Secondary/Primary English teacher volunteer. I taught 3rd grade up to 11th grade. My first year I had three counterparts that I co-taught English with. Georgian schools are very different from American schools. Like any school system, there are pros and cons. Pros  However, one of the things that I really liked about …

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Training, Training and more Training

 Pre-Service Training When I along with 5 other volunteers (hereby referred to as my cluster, arrived in Kvishkheti, I was greeted by my host mother Marina and her daughter Lela. My host family also consisted of my host father Junberi. There were also two sons but they didn't live at home, Shalva and Andrew. For …

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