No Passport=No Relationship?



Question: Would I date someone who didn’t have a passport?

Answer: Yes

My initial response was no, but that’s not entirely true. Most Americans don’t have passports and even fewer  African- Americans have them. I would prefer to date someone who’s as well traveled as I am; however, I rarely meet men who have traveled as much as I have. I’d being doing myself a disservice if I eliminated all men without passports from my dating pool. There are a myriad of reasons why individuals don’t have passports. They don’t travel because they think they can’t afford it, they don’t want to travel alone, they’re afraid of flying or they simply have no interest.

Although, I would date someone who doesn’t have a passport yet; it is important  that they have the desire to travel. If someone is serious about pursuing a future with me, they will have to obtain a passport sooner rather than later. I would NOT date someone who refuses to fly, hates flying, or just doesn’t value traveling in general. When I envision my life with my future partner/spouse, I see us exploring Macchu Picchu in Peru or visiting Petra in Jordan. As much as I enjoy traveling alone, having someone to share the experience with is even better.

International travel is my number one passion, but there are other qualities I value as well. I want someone who respects, loves, and cherishes me. I envision someone who accepts I can be a bit selfish and spoiled but also recognize that I am extremely loyal and generous. I need a person who appreciates that I love to read and talk about philosophy but I also occasionally indulge in  ratchet reality TV.

In other words, my perfect person recognizes I have imperfections and insecurities like everyone else but loves me in spite of them. I don’t want someone who will complete me, but someone who will complement me. As a 30 year old woman, society says I should be married and have kids. Honestly, if you asked me 5 years ago, I would have said I would definitely be married by now. Obviously that’s not my truth. There are many benefits to getting married later in life; I’ve had some amazing experiences which I may not have had if I had gotten married in my twenties and had children. For example, I’ve traveled the world and lived in three countries.  I’ve also taken the time to get to know and love myself;  I know what qualities are important to me and which are negotiable.

I admit I daydream while watching Say Yes to the Dress but I also know the wedding day is just a day. The hard part comes after. So I will remain single until I meet someone who’s worthy of flying off into the sunset with me.

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