Family Trip Recap!

Exactly two weeks ago, my parents and I returned from our vacation to Italy, England, Jordan, and Egypt. We had a blast! However, there were definitely a few hiccups. These are a few tips to help you prepare for your next vacation! Be sure to solicit feedback about people’s preferences regarding flight times. For example, one of the flights I booked to Luxor left around … Continue reading Family Trip Recap!


Iceland is a country which wasn’t on my radar until recently. Wow Airlines is a budget airlines which makes flights to Reykjavik hard to pass up. My flight from L.A to Iceland was $270. Because Wow airlines is a budget airline, they charge for everything like advance seat selection, luggage, food, water, etc. However, if you know how to pack light and don’t mind bringing … Continue reading Iceland

Solo Tripping in Scandinavia- Copenhagen

Shortly after I returned from Europe, I was asked how is it that I feel comfortable traveling alone. The truth of the matter is although I may arrive alone, my trip is rarely spent by  my lonesome. However, I do enjoy my company very much which makes solo trips all the more enjoyable. If you wait on people to go places, you will more often than … Continue reading Solo Tripping in Scandinavia- Copenhagen

A reunion three years in the making…

  In 2013, I returned from serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Lanchkhuti, Georgia. It was definitely an experience full of smiles, laughter, and tears. Living in Georgia was a challenging yet rewarding period in my life. I knew when I left in 2013, that I would come back one day to see the people who have made an indelible impact on my life. In … Continue reading A reunion three years in the making…