31 random facts about me!

  1. Hot sauce is my favorite condiment. I have tried various types of hot sauce but i’m completely satisfied with basic Louisiana or  Crystal’s hot sauce.
  2. I love all things pesto. Pesto on pizza is divine!
  3. Speaking of pizza, it has remained my favorite food no matter how many places I’ve been fortunate to visit. I will say that pizza in Italy is absolutely the best!
  4. My first trip abroad was to Madrid, Spain when I studied abroad my senior year in college.
  5. I speak a rudimentary level of Georgian, after serving in the Peace Corps for two years in the small Eastern European country.
  6. I abhor asparagus and cooked spinach. I don’t mind spinach in a salad but that’s where it stops.
  7. One of the few things I collect is small amounts of foreign currency from every country I visit. On my wall is a frame with several different currencies.
  8. I make an effort to call my mother every morning. Talking to my mom first thing in the morning, is always a good way to start my day.
  9. I went on my first solo trip when I was 29. At the conclusion of a work trip to Nepal, I traveled to Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. I was definitely nervous leading up to the trip but it was a defining moment in my life.
  10. As a child, I traveled a lot throughout the U.S going back and forth to various church conventions.
  11. So far, I’ve been to 36 states.
  12. I completed the Chicago marathon in 2009. Great experience but I’d never run another marathon.
  13. My favorite author is Ken Follett. He has a way with words that keep me spellbound from start to finish.
  14. I have 12 nieces and nephews.
  15. Swimming is my favorite sport. I learned how to swim when I was about 8. I try to swim a few times a month at my gym.
  16. I have never broken a bone.
  17. I have seen Beyoncé in concert four times. I guess you can say I’m a bonafied member of the beyhive.
  18. I hate coffee and all things coffee flavored.
  19. New Zealand is my favorite country hands down. I love the people, the culture, landscapes, everything about N. Z!
  20. My husband and I met on the dating app, Bumble. You can find the love of your life too with the right swipe, lol.
  21.  My favorite flavor of ice cream is cookies and cream.
  22. 90% of the clothes in my closet are from Goodwill. I hate spending a lot of money on clothes.
  23. I love podcasts. They are a great way to kill time at work or on a plane. My favorites are Criminal, Snap Judgement, Ear Hustle, and the Moth.
  24. I didn’t think i could get sunburned until my first trip to Bali. I got the worse sunburn of my life. For at least two weeks after the trip, my skin was peeling on my face, shoulders, and arms.
  25. My guilty pleasure is candy. I love gummy candy, chocolate, licorice, pretty much everything.
  26. Due to my candy obsession, I’ve had more than ten cavities.
  27. Game of Thrones is one of my favorite shows. I’m eagerly awaiting the final season!!!
  28.  If I could learn another language, it would be French or Portuguese.
  29. I’m not a huge fan of resorts. I feel like resorts take away from having an authentic experience.
  30. Documentaries are one of my favorite kinds of movies to watch.
  31. Investigation Discovery is my favorite TV channel. I am obsessed with true crime shows.



3 thoughts on “31 random facts about me!

  1. Diana

    Finally someone else who understands me! I do not like cooked spinach, only in salads. If it gets soggy in salad I don’t like it either, it has to be fresh.


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